What makes a handbag an 'icon'?

Women from all walks of life from around the world like handbags. Handbags represent a woman's true fashion taste. Women are very keen when it comes to choosing their outfits. Handbags are not exceptional to this rule. In fact, they are given attention which equals or is even more than what the other fashion accessories that women own get. These days, women are ready to spend on a handbag more than what they would spend on a holiday or even a car. Women celebrities are known to own several handbags that are worth hundreds of dollars. In fact, when it comes to spending to get the right fashion accessories, women are widely known to go to even the deepest extremes to simply attain that.

For a handbag to become iconic, it has to pass through all stages of careful manufacture and get to standards where they are only affordable to the well to do in the society. Women who have money do not find it expensive to buy iconic handbags. These bags have nowadays become the main unique statement of a woman's status. It is hard to find a woman earning a good salary owning an ordinary handbag that does not compliment her status. A few hundred years ago, a woman's main role was that of a housewife. She hardly owned a handbag and all her belongings were tucked in a purse or even a in the folds of her clothes.

After a few decades, women become more civilized and started going outside the house for work and leisure. This called on the need for the woman to have a bigger bag (although slightly bigger than a purse) that would accommodate all her belongings. Nowadays, fashion and elegance has made bag manufacturers to make handbags that can accommodate a variety of the modern woman's daily fashion accessories like make up, make up mirrors and so on. It is no wonder that today's most famous handbag manufacturers like Prada, Gucci and Hermes originated in the early 19th and 20th centuries. That alone has enabled them to have a very good understanding of the various changing fashion trends that have took place with time which has on the other hand has enabled them to make handbags that women love.

An iconic handbag contains space that is enough for a woman's survival kit. The survival kit in most of the times includes a make up kit, money, mobile phone, keys and tampons. It is no wonder that women feel naked without their iconic handbags. In fact, a recent fashion survey indicated that handbags sales was growing twice as the rate of clothes. The choice of a handbag makes the woman stand out from the crowd. This is the main reason why a woman will do anything just to own an iconic handbag. Iconic handbags have and will continue being one of the major front runners in the determining how the fashion industry trends go. It is advisable to own one if you don't and if you are a man, to surprise your woman with one. That is one gift that you can be sure it will remain on her mind for a long duration of time.